Purchase a new domain, transfer a domain, host your domain with full master zone control

Domain Hosting

Register or Transfer a domain name

Looking for a domain name registrar can often be as difficult as choosing the domain name itself. Registering a domain name with Prolateral will give you the peace-of-mind knowing your domain will be hosted on our DNS (Domain Name Service) servers located throughout the globe. With sites in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.


Master or Primary DNS services

Already have a domain but looking for better zone file and record management? Prolateral offers a fully managed DNS solution giving you total control of your domain and full access to the zone file. You don't need to transfer your domain to Prolateral to use this service you just need the ability to update the name server information wherever it is registered right now.


Secondary or Backup DNS services

How safe is your domain name? How much business would you lose if your customer base could not find your website or email you because your DNS server had gone down. Prolateral offers a backup DNS service mirroring your zone from the master server meaning your domain name will stay live even if your DNS server doesn't.