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    Since we started using PROFILTER we noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of nuisance and junk emails coming through to our inboxes, the initial investment has outweighed the amount of time we spent removing spam. Mark Halimeh, A1 Security, Luton Beds.

Stop email threats before they hit your business

Spam, junk mail, phishing

Spam is defined as unsolicited bulk mail, much of which is caught in your “bulk” or “Junk” folder found in your email control panel. The majority of spam you may receive will be of a sexual or gambling nature, however over the past few months an ever-increasing number of scam emails asking for sensitive information, claiming to be someone they are not, these are known as phishing.


Scam emails, electronic fraud

You can see how these emails can be pretty alarming to an inexperienced internet user who may only occasionally use the internet to sell or buy items on eBay for example. Some of the emails will look very much like another type of scam email  that has been very popular; where it claims you are the very lucky winner of a lottery, even though you have never entered the lottery in the location claiming your success!


What can be done about it?

There are measures that you can take to help avoid being targeted by spammers; a few have been mentioned here. However, in addition never reply to a scam email as it will notify them that the email address is live and also that you have read the email, leading to further spam. Of course there are many other threats from spam that are not discussed here, such as viruses and trojans being sent via email attachments.  


The Solution - profilter

Prolateral's email management service, proFILTER, filters unwanted spam and email viruses before they ever reach your company network.

Stopping them where they should be stopped - on the Internet - prevents your company wasting time and money in managing the threats.

  • Easy to use
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money

End users

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