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Pricewert fails to impress

It doesn't look like the shutdown of the Pricewert internet service provider (ISP) will strike the same blow against spam as theMcColo closure last year.

Although there was an early drop in spam traffic, the overall spam and botnet email is quickly recovering to the level we saw before yesterday's shutdown.

"McColo was the last of the old-school monolithic ISPs," says Craig Fisher, Technical Director. "More of the spam is currently being generated by botnets, with one of the largest being driven by Cutwail. This makes it harder to cripple a botnet at a single point."

Cutwail is estimated to be behind over a third of all spam and activity dropped to almost nothjing after the shutdown, but it is now back on the rise. "McColo shutting down taught the spammers an invaluable lesson, and they have regrouped and are more prepared with distributed command and control"