Real world CSI, computer based forensics for private sector, public sector, police, and employment tribunal investigations. Prolateral also provides expert witness services

What is it

Computer based forensics also known as forensic imaging is the process used to make a complete copy of all accessible data on a specified device on any storage format in or with the device.

E.g. a hard drive on a computer or a flash memory card on a mobile device or camera.

The original media known as “primary evidence” is not modified and instead the copy (also known as “working copy”) is used to allow a lawful investigation thus not contaminating the original material.

There are many common types of investigation that can be conducted from civil to criminal investigations

  • Inappropriate Internet usage.
  • Intellectual property theft.
  • Unauthorised access to computer or network data.
  • Online identity theft.
  • Matrimonial disputes.
  • Fraud.
  • Copyright issues.
  • Libel actions.
  • Verification of a Police expert’s evidence.
  • Computer misuse act offences.
  • Employment tribunal cases.

With all investigations a written report is provided to document all findings.