Why not take advantage of Prolateral's secure and protected hosted services ranging from secure outbound smtp, web hosting, joomla hosting, and anti-spam filtering

Hosted Services

Take advantage of Prolateral's secure and protected hosted services.


Email is a vital tool for your business to communicate in the customer and supplier chains.  Without email as a tool the business would suffer.

More than 80% of all email generated is spam, un-solicited junk email. Your business pays to download it, read it, delete it, and manage it. This problem is real and increasing.

We can help you with the issues of spam, phishing, email borne viruses and give you just the clean and real emails.

Do you have problems sending outbound SMTP email from your own domain name because your ISP doesn't support SMTP Authentication.  This is a common problem (depending on ISP) for business who run their own domain name on a standard ADSL line.  Well look no further. Prolateral offers a secure SMTP Auth service.

Prolateral offers several web hosting packages based on a Ubuntu Core operating system.  All packages are controlled by a Plesk front end.  See the package details for more information.

Prolateral offers primary and secondary domain (DNS) services and management. Plus check out our prices on .com and .co.uk domains.  Prolateral hosts DNS services in several geographic locations to provide you the best service and hosting possible.